Sunday, December 1, 2013

OUR YOUNG FAMILY IN AMERICA at the Internet Archive

A book which I have read many times, in search of information on my Young ancestors, is available full-text at the Internet Archive! OUR YOUNG FAMILY IN AMERICA was written by Professor Edward Hudson Young. It was published in Durham, North Carolina in 1947.My 4th great grandparents were Noah and Anna Young. Information about Noah Young is found on pages 44-45 of OUR YOUNG FAMILY IN AMERICA.

Information about Anna Young is found on page 53.

Noah and Anna Young were first cousins once removed.

There is an image of Noah and Anna Young in the special section of pictures in book, following page 30.

See pictures of the tombstone of Noah and Anna Young in a previous blog post at the Graveyard Rabbit of Sandusky Bay. They were buried in New Haven, Ohio in Huron County. Explore the Internet Archive to see if there are books about your family that have already been digitized in this valuable collection.


fluffy said...

Hey Rabbit

I have Youngs in my family tree on both sides. the Jungs from Kitchner/New Hamburg area of Ontario Canada. and Youngs from Clyde Ohio area. Catch me next time you see me at the library.

fluffy said...

I have youngs in my family tree as well. I wonder if they link up.