Sunday, December 8, 2013

1863 Map of Erie and Ottawa Counties in Ohio from Surveys by Philip Nunan

Recently I ran into a wonderful 1863 map at the website of the Library of Congress. The map was created from actual surveys by Philip Nunan. It was printed by Fred Bourquin of Philadelphia, and the engraving was done by Worley & Bracher, who were also from Philadelphia. The map shows landowners, and also shows the various townships in Erie and Ottawa Counties in Ohio.  Engravings of several residences are found along the border of the map. A helpful  business directory is found along the bottom of the map. I was delighted to locate several ancestors on this vintage map. My third great grandmother, Lorinda Stevens Sexton Steen was living in Florence Township of Erie County, Ohio in 1863. At this time, she had been widowed twice. Lorinda Steen's name was listed simply as "Mrs. Steen," and you can see her name between the letters F and L in the word Florence on the map.

My fourth great grandfather, Julius House, who settled in Perkins Township in 1815 is found in the Perkins township section of the map. His name appears on the lower right quadrant of the image below, just to the right of the letter I in the word Section.

The name of Henry Milner is also found in Perkins Township in the 1863 map. Henry and Huldah Milner were the adoptive parents of my great great grandmother, Sarah Nodine Milner Steen. The Milner family lived close to families with the surnames House and Lindsley. Of course, my lineage includes lots of members of the House family, and on both my father's and mother's side, my ancestors married a Lindsley family member. The name of Henry Milner is found just under the I in the word Perkins on the map.

Finding this map was just like solving a puzzle. I could see the proximity of my ancestors to each other. I still have questions, of course! How did Charles Steen find his way from Florence Township  to Perkins Township, where he met and married Sarah Nodine Milner Steen? What brought my Parker relatives from Monroeville in Huron County, to Perkins Township in Erie County, Ohio? Had the Parkers not moved, George Parker may not have met and  married Marian House. Visit the maps section of the website of the Library of Congress, to find historical maps that may feature the names of your ancestors. Happy hunting!

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