Sunday, December 15, 2013

Major Apollos Comstock

Apollos Comstock was the son of Watts and Nancy (Hoyt) Comstock, in New Canaan, Connecticut on October 18, 1836. When the Civil War broke out, Apollos Comstock was active in recruiting sharpshooters for military service. Apollos Comstock was named Captain of the Thirteenth Regiment of the Connecticut Volunteers on February 18, 1862, and he was promoted to Major on November 5, 1863. After the war's end, Apollos Comstock served as a representative in the Connecticut Legislature. Major Comstock earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from Columbia in 1873. On October 22, 1878, Apollos Comstock married Julia Bouton in Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Comstock practiced medicine in the state of New York in the 1870s, until his health began to fail. He traveled to the west, and for a time he was a surgeon for the U.S. Pension Office. Later, he and his wife lived in Toledo, Ohio, where Dr. Apollos Comstock died on December 15, 1889. He was buried in Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio, where Mrs. Comstock had several relatives. Mrs. Julia Bouton Comtstock passed away in 1927, and she was buried beside her husband at Sandusky's Oakland Cemtetery.

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