Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mrs. Lucy Allen, My Second Cousin Six Times Removed

Recently I came across this very old tombstone for Lucy Allen, wife of Jesse Allen, at the Perkins Cemetery in Erie County, Ohio. After doing some digging, I discovered that Lucy is my second cousin, six times removed! From the book The Hollister Family of America, available at the Internet Archive, I learned that Lucy was born Lucy Hollister, to Israel and Sarah (Skinner) Hollister, on May 17, 1791, in Glastonbury, Connecticut. (Lucy and I both descend from Lieut. Thomas Hollister.) Lucy first married Benoni Buck, Sr., a man who was originally from Connecticut, but who died in Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio, on March 6, 1823. In 1828, the widowed Lucy and her five children all went west and settled in Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio. On May 17, 1829, Lucy Hollister Buck married Jesse Allen. They had one son, Justice Israel Allen. Justice died in a fire in February 1851, at the age of 21. Lucy Allen died on November 24, 1849. She was buried in the old Perkins Cemetery. Jesse Allen, the second husband of Lucy, died of cholera on August 8, 1852. He too was buried at the Perkins Cemetery.

An open book, or possible Bible, adorn the tombstones of Jesse and Lucy Allen. I was delighted to learn that I am connected to this couple who lived so long ago in the same area as my House, Parker, and Hollister ancestors.

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