Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Links to Information about the Civil War Soldiers Buried at Johnson's Island

Below are some links which provide information about the Confederate soldiers, including many officers, who died and were buried at the cemetery at the site of the former Civil War prison at Johnson's Island, which is not far from Sandusky, Ohio. (Click on the links highlighted.)

*Information housed at the R.B. Hayes Presidential Center about soldiers buried at Johnson's Island Civil War Confederate Prison Cemetery, researched by Roger Long.

*Table of soldiers buried at Confederate Stockade Cemetery at Johnson's Island.

*Information about the Confederate Cemetery of the prison at Johnson's Island, which appeared in Southern Historical Society Papers, volume XXVII, Richmond,Va.  Jan. -Dec. 1899. 

*Confederate dead buried at Johnson's Island, from an Appendix in the book The Story of Camp Chase: A History of the Prison and Its Cemetery, by William H. Knauss.

*Information about the Confederate Stockade Cemetery from the National Park Service.

*POW listings from 1864, a joint project of the Sandusky Library and the Friends and Descendants of Johnson's Island Civil War Prison.

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