Friday, November 22, 2013

Morgan Monument at Oakland Cemetery

This large monument at Oakland Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio honors the memory of several members of the Thomas Morgan family. In the book HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, eduted by Lewis Cass Aldrich, we read that Thomas Morgan and his wife Mary came to the U.S. from Ipswich, England. By 1860, Mrs. Morgan had passed away, and Thomas was living on a farm in Perkins Township, Erie County, Ohio.

 George H. Morgan was born George Hamilton. Because his parents died when he was very young, George was adopted by Thomas and Mary Morgan. George H. Morgan was raised on his family's farm, and eventually he purchased property adjacent to his adoptive father's land. An engraving of the George H. Morgan residence is found on page 32 of the Stewart & Page 1874 Erie County Atlas.

In 1854, George H. Morgan married Mary Jane Monfort. They had two children, Thomas Theron Morgan and Mary Julia Morgan. On November 22, 1902, George Hamilton Morgan died suddenly at his home in Perkins Township. An obituary in the November 25, 1902 issue of the Sandusky Register stated about George H. Morgan, "He was one of the staunchest farmers of Erie County and was well liked by all who knew him. He was a man of integrity, of character, a good neighbor and a devoted head of his household."  Funeral services for George H. Morgan were held at the family home, with Rev. Gray and Rev. Oswalt officiating. The Morgan monument lists the years of death of several others members of the family:

Thomas Morgan died in 1889
Mary Morgan died in 1859
Mary Jane (Monfort) Morgan died in 1909
Mary Julia Morgan died in 1927

Miss Mary Julia Morgan had this monument erected and placed at Oakland Cemetery. To read more about the Morgan family, and many other early residents of Erie County, Ohio, see HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO, eduted by Lewis Cass Aldrich, found in many northern Ohio libraries, and also available full-text online.

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