Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"We All Loved Her"

In the 1860 U.S. Census, Carrie L. Wilcox was listed as an infant in the household of Edward and Sophia Wilcox in Sandusky, Ohio, where Carrie's father was a dry goods merchant. Carrie L. Wilcox was born on November 16, 1859. Sadly, Carrie died as a teenager, on May 7, 1873. Carrie L. Wilcox was buried in the family lot at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Along the top of her tombstone are the words, "We All Loved Her." To see these words on a young person's tombstone, well over a century after her death, are so heart warming. You can imagine that since her father was a merchant, Carrie most likely had lovely clothes and she probably received nice gifts from her father's store on her birthdays and at Christmas. I am sure that young Carrie was dearly missed by her family after her short life ended.

To read more about the Wilcox family see this Online Finding Aid at the OhioLink Finding Aid Repository.

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