Sunday, May 5, 2013

Karl Jäckle

In Block 73 of Oakland Cemetery is a tombstone for Karl Jäckle. THE ERIE COUNTY, OHIO CENSUS BEFORE 1909 lists this inscription for Karl's tombstone:

Karl Jäckle
Died Feb. 7, 1880
Age 51 years, 10 days

Clasped hands are found on his tombstone, which can symbolize the deceased person being welcomed into Heaven.

Trying to learn a bit more about Mr. Jäckle, I checked for his name in the 1870 U.S. Census for Erie County, Ohio. Here his name is spelled:

Charles Jeckel, age 38, born in Bavaria; occupation carpenter

The rest of his family is recorded here also:

Wife, Josephine, age 39, born in Bavaria
Child Josephine, age 14, born in Ohio
Child Amelia, age 12, born in Ohio
Child Charles, age 9, born in Ohio
Child Oscar, age 6, born in Ohio

The Oakland Cemetery Interment Card lists the name of Karl Jäckle as Charles Yecley. The card states that Mr. Jäckle/Yecley was buried on February 9, 1880.

The Ohio Obituary Index gives yet another spelling for Karl/Charles Jäckle/Yecley/Jeckel as Charles Yerchle.

Keep an open mind when you are doing family history research! The person whose tomstone reads Karl Jäckle has variations in the spelling of both his first and last name! Comparing the various sources and dates in all the records for this individual, I am confident that Karl Jäckle, Charles Jeckel, Charles Yecley, and Charles Yerchle are all the same person! May he rest in peace.

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A lot of times the hands are used to Identify a member of the odd fellows.