Thursday, May 2, 2013

Joseph Orshoski, Jr., 1907-1954

Joseph Orshoski, Jr. was born on July 11. 1907, the second child of Joseph Orshoski and Julia Herzog Orshoski. He was a younger brother of my paternal grandfather, Steve Orshoski. As did most of the men folk on my Orshoski side, Joseph Orshoski, Jr. worked at the Medusa Cement Company. In the Spring of 1954, Joe, Jr. was in a fire in the trailer in which he lived in Bay Bridge. He was severely burned, and he died as a result of his burns on Sunday, May 2, 1954. I was just a very little girl when Great Uncle Joe passed away, and I do not remember him at all. Everyone tells me that his nickname was "Monk." Joe, Jr. had a very sad life. His mother died when only 11, and he worked hard at the cement company. My dear neighbor Mary told me that drank too much, and he actually may have been under the influence of alcohol when the trailer caught fire. Funeral services for Joseph Orshoski, Jr. were held at the Holy Angels Church in Sandusky, Ohio, and Joe, Jr. was buried at Castalia Cemetery, next to his beloved mother, Julia Orshoski.

In the picture below, Joe, Jr. is among the young men standing next to the casket of the first Mrs. Joseph Orshoski, Sr.

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