Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Victory Loan Rally at the Brick Church in Perkins

A Victory Loan rally was held at the Perkins Methodist Church on April 24, 1919. Below is a transcription of an article which appeared in the April 24, 1919 issue of the Sandusky Register.

Perkins township people are to whoop it up tonight at the Perkins brick church when a Victory Liberty loan rally and community sing will be held. School Supt. Edmund, chairman of the speaking committee, will preside. He will introduce Capt. Guy House, an old Perkins boy, who will tell of us his experiences over there as a member of the 12th ammunition train. Miss Mary Wright will have charge of the community sing. She will be assisted by Perry Null. Leo B. Keller will give instructions to the Erie County War League workers. Two automobile loads full of Sanduskians will make the trip.

The special speaker for the rally was Guy House, who served as a Colonel with the 112th Ammunition Train in France during World War One.

Guy House was a first cousin to my great grandfather Leroy Parker. The old brick Methodist church was the place of worship for many of my Parker and House ancestors. Guy House, Leroy Parker, and many of their family members and neighbors were all laid to rest in the Perkins Cemetery.

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