Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sentimental Sunday: "It Beats a Spring Tonic"

While browsing around Google Books looking for information about Sandusky natives, I ran into this adorable advertisement for Campbell's tomato soup, from Collier's magazine of April 17, 1915. The ad reads, in part:

As sunshine bright, and balmy air
    Set flowers springing free,
So this delicious Campbell fare
    Put spring inside of me

It beats a "spring tonic"

Campbell's soups, in the red and white cans, have been a staple of my family for many, many years, especially when colds and flu strike. Campbell's chicken noodle soup seems to soothe the sniffles as well as any other remedy. And what would a grilled cheese sandwich be without Campbell's tomato soup? Thanks for being on our supermarket shelves for all these years, Campbell's soups!

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