Friday, March 1, 2013

Perished in the Lake

On March 1, 1904, Horace Chamberlain and Edward Finn went out onto Sandusky Bay in a skiff to set some fish nets. The bay was filled with  large cakes of ice. When the small vessel ran into a large ice cake, the two young men were thrown into the cold water, Edward Finn was able to find safety atop an ice cake, but Horace Chamberlain was not able to get to safety. An article in the March 2, 1904 issue of the Sandusky Star reported that Mr. Chamberlain was seen "throwing up his hands" and he "cried Good Bye all and disappeared." Local men were able to rescue Edward Finn, but they could not save Horace Chamberlain. Horace Chamberlain was an employee of Cedar Point, working as a grounds keeper. He and his wife and child lived in a cottage at the resort. Funeral services for Horace Chamberlain were conducted by Rev. A.N. Slayton, at Marquart's mortuary. Mr. Chamberlain was laid to rest at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.