Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ode to Daniel Larkins

Long ago, across the sea,
You began your days in Tipperary.
After landing here in the U.S.A.,
To Ohio your family would make its way.

Your toiled on the land
In this strange new place
And raised many children
With wisdom and grace.

At the church you found hope
With folks you grew to know well.
So many weddings, and babies,
The family pew would soon swell.

Some stayed on the farm.
Others wed, moved away...
Many sons and grandsons
Found work on the railway

You worked hard and were faithful,
Though you never found fame.
Yet a stone at St. Joseph's
Still honors your name.

When the song "Danny Boy"
Makes its way to my ear,
I recall oh so fondly
My Larkins family so dear.

(Note: This post was originally written for a Carnival of Genealogy. I am re-posting it today in honor of my Irish ancestors.)


lindalee said...

Gosh, if I inspired this TERRIFIC ode, I am thrilled. You have done such an outstanding job. I am passing along the Bloggers Best Friend award to you. You can read more about it over on Flipside

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thank you SO much!

Joan said...

Tipperary and Danny Boy are more than enough to make me take notice --- and a stone at St. Joseph's. Takes me right there. And thanks be to Danial Larkins!

Kellie said...

Great job!!

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks, my sweet little sis!