Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lutz Monument at Pleasant Union Cemetery

This beautiful monument at Pleasant Union Cemetery in Old Fort, Ohio honors the memory of three members of the Lutz family. According to the 1870 U.S. Census, Francis M. Lutz was born about 1842 in Pennsylvania. He was married to Catherine,and they had an infant son named Harry. The small Lutz family lived in Washington Township of Henry County, Ohio in 1870, where Francis was a farmer. The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Database, from the National Parks Service, indicates that Francis M. Lutz enlisted as a Private in Company B of the 195th Ohio Infantry during the Civil War, and his rank when he left military service was Second Lieutenant.

Sadly, young Harry Lutz died when he was only four years old, in 1874.

Francis M. Lutz died in his 38th year, on December 15, 1880. A G.A.R. symbol and an American flag remind us of his military service during the Civil War.

Mrs. Lutz, whose name has not been inscribed on the monument, died on January 23, 1915, according to Ohio Death Records, accessible at Family Search.

Though all these individuals passed away so very long ago, the monument which honors their memory Ohio still serves as a fitting tribute!

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