Sunday, October 14, 2012

Daniel D. and Dora Chase White

A biographical sketch about Daniel D. White in Hewson Peeke's A STANDARD HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY, OHIO begins with these glowing words:

"There are in every community men of great force of character who by reason of their capacity for leadership become recognized as foremost citizens and bear a most important part in public affairs. Such has been the creditable position in the Castalia community of Daniel D. White, who for many years was a progressive farmer in Groton Township, has frequently been honored with those positions which denote community esteem and for the past ten years has been cashier of the Castalia Banking Company. He was one of the principals on the organization of that solid financial institution in September, 1905, and has since been a director and cashier."

Daniel D. White was the son of Ebenezer and Ellen Jones White, and the grandson of pioneer Erie County settler, Capt. John White. Besides being associated with his farm and the Castalia Banking Company, Daniel D. White was a member of the Board of Control of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station at Wooster for six years. Mr. White was also a member of the Perseverance Lodge in Sandusky, the Knights of the Maccabees in Castalia, and was quite active in the Margaretta and Erie County Pomona Grange. On October 28, 1885, Daniel D. White married Dora Chase, the daughter of Henry Chase. Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. White were the parents of Sidney White, a veteran of World War Two.

In 1961, Daniel D. White died at the age of 100. He is buried in Graves Cemetery, south of Castalia, Ohio. Mrs. Dora White passed away in 1943. The family papers of Daniel D. White are in the historical files of the library at the R. B. Hayes Presidential Center.

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