Friday, December 23, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy and History: Advice for Future Generations

The prompt for Week 52 of 52 Weeks of Personal History & Genealogy, by Amy Coffin of We Tree, and hosted by Geneabloggers, is: Advice

Do you have any advice for future generations who may be researching your family? For example, was there a name change or a significant relocation in your past? This is intended to be a very flexible question. Answer it any way you wish.

The advice I would like to give for future generations is to ask your older family members lots of questions! Record them on paper, or video, or on your computer! When I was very young, I had seven of my eight great grandparents all living. Of course, I was too young to know that I wanted to ask them questions!! Luckily, my mom, aunts, uncles, and other relatives and neighbors of my ancestors did answer lots of questions for me when I was "bitten" by the genealogy bug! Having just lost my mom a little more than a year ago, you cannot imagine how many things I have realized that I should have asked her! Like about her experiences in the workplace, and holidays when she was a girl....

Ask lots of questions, and record them in whatever way works for you! Your descendants will be so glad you did! Pictured below are just a few of my mom's grandchildren and great grandchildren, who were lucky enough to hear some stories from their beloved Gram/Nana.

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