Saturday, December 17, 2011

Doris Wheeler's Letter to Santa

On Saturday, December 21, 1912, the letter below appeared in the Sandusky Star Journal. Since my maternal grandmother, Doris Wheeler, was only two years old, her letter must have been written by either her mother or her grandparents.

An advertisement from the popular Sandusky department store, the Herb & Myers Company, also appeared in the December 21st issue of the Star Journal.

In time, Doris married Steen Parker, and they had three children. Sadly, she died when she was only 32 years of age. She was the joy of her Grandpa Tom Larkins' heart! Doris is standing in the four generation photo below. Also pictured in the photo are her mother, Irene Larkins Risko, her grandfather, Thomas Larkins, and her ten year old daughter, Joyce Parker.

Though her life was short, it is good to recall that Grandma Doris had hopes and dreams and loved the holidays!

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