Saturday, December 10, 2011

Adam Kolb

According to the U.S. Census for Erie County, Ohio, Adam Kolb, a widower, was residing in Sandusky at this time. He stated that his age was 37, his occupation was machinist, and his birthplace was Baden. Also residing at the Kolb residence were Adam's sons Albert, age 11, John, age 10, George, age 8, and his mother Elizabeth, age 68.

An article in the December 16, 1907 issue of the Sandusky Register reported that Adam Kolb has died on December 15, at the Odd Fellows' Home in Springfield, Ohio, where he had resided for two years. Before moving to Springfield, Adam Kolb was a machinist at the Big Four shops for many years. Funeral services for Adam Kolb were held at the home of George Dressel on December 17, 1907. Mr. Kolb was survived by two sons, Albert and George. Burial was at Oakland Cemetery. Adam Kolb's tombstone features the Odd Fellows emblem of three links, which represents friendship, love, and truth.

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