Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Mug Holder made by Uncle Clyde

This wooden mug holder was made in the late 1970's by my husband's uncle, Clyde Paul, who lived in Ocilla, Georgia.

Our family has used this mug holder for many years, and it shows signs of being loved, but it is so terrific to still have a tangible reminder of such a wonderful family member!

Clyde R. Paul was born to Claudie Alfonso Paul and Annie Bell Smith Paul in Stockton, Georgia in 1910. In 1932 Clyde Paul married Mary Lissie Luke, and they were totally devoted to each other. They hosted our family several times, during Paul Family Reunions, and on the sad occasions of the funerals of family members. When I first met Uncle Clyde and Aunt Mary in 1977, they loved me like I had been born into the family, AND I was a northerner too! Geography didn't seemed to enter in to the picture at all. Uncle Clyde quickly nicknamed our toddler twin girls when he first met them: "Miss Piggie" and "Minnie Pearl" were there nicknames, and he always seemed to be able to tell the apart.

My father in law, John Paul, was born to Claudie Alfonso Paul and his second wife, Leattie Taylor Paul. As you can see from the family tree, it was a very big family! Uncle Clyde often had to look after his younger siblings when his parents were working. The 1920's and 1930's were lean years for the big Paul family, and all the members of the family worked hard on the farm.

Clyde Paul was a barber. He was known for his big heart, and wonderful sense of humor, and also for making items out of wood. At his funeral, held on September 15, 1998, the minister asked how many people there owned a sling shot or a walking stick that had been made by Clyde Paul, and almost everyone at the church raised their hands. Uncle Clyde's beloved wife Mary passed away before he did, on May 28, 1989. Clyde R. Paul died on September 13, 1998. He was buried in the Satilla Baptist Church Cemetery in Irwin County Georgia. You can read more about Clyde R. Paul at FindaGrave.

Pictured below is a portion of an article about Clyde Paul from the Country Neighbors column in the Georgia Country Neighbors magazine, written before Clyde's death in 1998. (This article was sent to me by relatives in Georgia, and I do not have the exact date of publication.)

My husband's Uncle Clyde and Aunt Mary were dear to our heart, and we still miss them a great deal!


Michelle Goodrum said...

I love it! Something that has practical use today as well as sentimental value. Plus it's really cool looking.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Uncle Clyde was so talented when it came to wood carving!