Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frank Zumm

Frank Zumm, an employee of the Lower Lakes Docks on the west side of Sandusky, lost his life on September 21, 1915. Frank was operating the Pennsylvania docks at the foot of King Street, when he fell underneath a coal car. The car was heading down the incline, and was about to be loaded onto a boat, when Frank was struck by the car. He was killed instantly. Frank was single, and he was survived by his widowed mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Zumm. He also had two sisters, Mrs. Ernest Ziemke and Mrs. Fred Grahl, and brother, Henry. Krupp's Mortuary was in charge of funeral arrangements. Rev. Theo. J. Stellhorn officiated at the funeral of Frank Krupp, and burial was in Oakland Cemetery.

Frank Zumm's tombstone features the German spelling of his first name: Franz Zumm. At the top of the tombstone is the German inscription:

Mein Lieber Sohn

which translates into English as:

My Dear Son

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