Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow Friday: Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols

A website that I visit regularly is Cemeteries and Cemetery Symbols, featuring photos and text by Joe Beine.

Some of the cemetery symbols Joe has covered include: the handshake, masonic emblems, and angels. In the FAQ section, Joe Beine lists Douglas Keister’s book STORIES IN STONE: A FIELD GUIDE TO CEMETERY SYMBOLISM AND ICONOGRAPHY as a reference.

On the right sidebar is listed another of Joe Beine's helpful website, entitled:
Online Indexes for Death Certificates, Death Records, Obituaries & Cemetery Burials. This website is my favorite "go to" site when I searching for what vital records may be available for a specific location.

Genealogy Roots Blog
is another blog by Joe Beine, which focuses on vital records, which are the "building blocks" of genealogy.

Thanks Joe for all your assistance to family history researchers!

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