Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Commemorative Brick at Marblehead Lighthouse

While this commemorative brick was dedicated in June of 2010, the Marblehead Lighthouse has been in operation on Lake Erie since 1822. You can read about Benajah Wolcott, the first keeper of the Marblehead Lighthouse here, and you can learn more about William Kelly, the builder of the Marblehead Lighthouse, here.

Visiting the Marblehead Lighthouse on a hot summer day is such a joyful experience. The lake provides refreshing cooling breezes, and those blustery winter days are a distant memory!


Nancy said...

That's a beautiful commemorative brick. I'm a lover of Marblehead Lighthouse. My only visit was about two years ago when we stopped on our way home from Kelleys Island. The lighthouse was the highlight of the trip. I barely made it to the top -- oh, those narrow stairs -- and could barely look out and down -- it's such a long, long way up! But I love it. I love the iron stairs in particular, and I love the rocks and trees at the edge of the water. Yes, Marblehead Lighthouse is wonderful!

I continued to be amazed when I think of those who had to carry the fuel for the light up those stairs! Stamina, for sure!

mad said...

Great photos. Marblehead is what kept me here in Ohio! It is my place to go for solitude and reflection. It is nature at its best and winter is just a beautiful. Maddie

Dorene from Ohio said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! When I go to the Marblehead Lighthouse, all the cares of the world seem to vanish!