Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kelleys Island Cemetery

The Kelleys Island Cemetery is found on Division Street in Kelleys Island, an island in Lake Erie, just north of the Marblehead peninsula. Many members of the Kelley family and Himmelein family are buried in the Kelleys Island Cemetery.

Though now they are privately owned, the Kelley Mansion and Himmelein house can still be seen on the island today.

This monument which honors the Bauman family was created by Sandusky resident Conrad Keim. (Click for an enlarged view. Keim's name is found on the upper right side of the base of the stone.)

The Estes family lot has lovely floral tributes during the summer months.

A listing of inscriptions for the Kelleys Island Cemetery is found online at the U.S. GenWeb Archives. Several items of interest relating to Kelleys Island historical individuals, places, and businesses are featured at the website of the Kelleys Island Historical Association.


brenda said...

I keep meaning to get out there. My half brothers family is buried at the cemetery. off topic i heard the may be a cemetery in lake wilmer area...have you ever heard of one?

brenda said...

I keep meaning to get to this one. My half brothers family is buried there. Off topic have ever heard of a cemtery in the lake wilmer area?

Dorene from Ohio said...

I have not heard of a cemetery in the Lake Wilmer area.

Kelleys Island Cemetery is great...most tourists don't land there, so it is very quiet!

Leslie said...

Some of the more unusual monuments include a grey metal monument that looks like carved stone and Uri Wrd has a bronze plaque embedded into a glacial groove rock. Family stories and island history can also be found at www.KelleysIslandStory.com.