Sunday, May 23, 2010

52 Weeks to Better Genealogy: Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library

According to the website of the Ohio Historical Society, The Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library is, by law, the archives for the State of Ohio.

In the link to Digitization Projects, is included a Search Feature for the Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812.

A search for my ancestor's name, Noah Young, yields a hit showing that Corporal Noah Young served in Jacob Young's Company, which was made up of soldiers from Knox and Richland Counties.

In the Ohio Pix: Online Image Gallery portion of the Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library are selected images from the collections of the Ohio Historical Society that have been digitized. A search for Erie and Sandusky pulls up an image from the Ohio Veterans Home, which has served as a home and final resting place for hundreds of Ohio Veterans for over a century.

The Wilbert Siebert Underground Railroad Inventory links to a finding aid which is over one hundred pages in length. Once you find a section of the Siebert Collection which you would like to view, interlibrary loan of the microfilmed copy of the collection is permissible. View the finding aid to determine which roll of microfilm you wish to borrow. Sandusky, being so close to Canada, played a key role in the Underground Railroad. Below is a portion of the Wilbert Siebert Underground Railroad Collection that pertains to Erie County and Sandusky.

The items I have described so far don't even scratch the surface of what is available at the Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library. See a listing below for many more selections of historical interest:

Due to budgetary constraints, the hours of the Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library have been drastically reduced. In spite of these limits to hours that the facility is open, the Ohio Historical Society still offers a wealth of information, print and non-print resources, and many historical Ohio documents and periodicals. Ohio has long been called a "Gateway State" to the settling of the western United States, so the Ohio Historical Society Archives/Library remains a key resource in researching family and local history in the U.S.

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