Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: The Many Hairstyles of Ada and Alpha

Ada and Alpha Steen were the identical twin daughters of Charles and Sarah Steen, born on February 3, 1880. Ada and Alpha are pictured here with their older brother Harry, who died in 1884. Their hairstyle features curled bangs.

Here the twin girls have long tresses, when they are about age 6.

In 1891, Ada and Alpha cut their hair. Their mother Sarah was so upset that she decided they should get their picture taken, to record the momentous occasion, and perhaps to remind them not to do that again! (Alpha is on the left; Ada on the right.)

By the early 1900's, Ada and Alpha had grown up to be lovely young ladies. They appear in this family picture with their parents and younger brother Rollin. Ada and Alpha have their hair swept away from their face, similar to the "Gibson Girl" style.

Ada would marry Leroy Parker, a farmer and Cedar Point concessionaire. Alpha would marry restauranteur Fred Martin, a native of Belgium. Family members have said that Ada loved the country life, while Alpha was definitely a city girl. Ada Steen Parker died on September 4, 1956. She is buried in Perkins Cemetery.

Alpha Steen Martin passed away on March 17, 1959. She had survived her husband Fred by several years. Alpha's great niece that after Ada died, Leroy enjoyed visiting with Alpha, because it was almost like being with his beloved wife. Alpha and Fred Martin are buried in the North Ridge section of Oakland Cemetery.

It is fun to see the variety of hairstyles of these two women, who were not only identical twins, but they were the best of friends throughout their lives.

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Nancy said...

What a great post! It was interesting to watch the changes in the girls' hair and appearances as they grew. I love the "Gibson Girl" photo!