Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sentimental Sunday: Ohio Village in Columbus, Ohio

If you would like to know what everyday life may have been like for your Ohio ancestors in the 1890s, visit the Ohio Village  in Columbus, Ohio on the grounds of the Ohio History Center. The village is a replica of a village in Ohio in the 1890s. Homes were smaller and simpler at that time.

Products inside stores in the 1890s were quite different from merchandise in today's large stores.

This is what a funeral parlor may have looked like in the late nineteenth century.

In the 1890s, women's study clubs began to become popular.

Women even began contemplating getting the right to vote, as they met and discussed books.

Everyday chores were more labor intensive in the 1890s.

Consider visiting Ohio Village to learn more about how our Ohio ancestors used to live!

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