Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Ancestor Daniel Larkin/Larkins in the Irish Tithe Applotment Books

My Irish American ancestor, Daniel Larkin (sometimes spelled Larkins) is listed in the Townland of Lismortagh in the Irish Tithe Applotment Books, now housed at the National Archives of Ireland. (Daniel's name is listed in the 9th line from the bottom.) To the best of my understanding, in 1828 Daniel Larkins occupied about 6 plantation (Irish measure) acres, which was about 10 statute (English measure) acres, of 4th class land. His tithe due was about 10 pounds and 7 1/2 shillings. It seems like Daniel's land was not so great, and maybe that is why he and his wife and young son left for the U.S.A. by 1830.  The final resting place of Daniel and Johannah Larkins is at the St. Joseph Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio, not far from  where I work and reside. What a joy to find another tiny piece of the puzzle of my Irish heritage!

Try a search of your own Irish ancestors in listings of the Tithe Applotment books!

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