Thursday, May 5, 2016

John F. McCrystal

John Francis McCrystal was born to Patrick and Bridget McCrystal at Kelleys Island on June 22, 1863. He moved with his family to Sandusky when he was just one year of age. He was elected to the City Council in 1884. At the age of 21, he was the youngest person who ever served the city council of Sandusky up to that time. In 1886, John F. McCrystal was appointed Deputy Clerk of Courts for Erie County. He studied law, and was admitted to the Bar in 1889. In 1891, he was elected City Solicitor.

After retiring from the position of City Solicitor Mr. McCrystal continued in the practice of law. He enjoyed a large practice ans was well known throughout the norther Ohio region. John F. McCrystal died on July 13, 1939 after a brief illness. He is buried in St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio. Mr. McCrystal was survived by his widow, three brothers, and three sons. A lengthy obituary for John F. McCrystal is found in the 1939 OBITUARY NOTEBOOK at the Sandusky Library. A tribute read in part: "Hard work brought success to Mr. McCrystal and his is a fine example of what work and effort will do."

The tombstone which honors the memory of John Francis McCrystal is an ornate cross. Click on the image for an enlarged view.

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