Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another One of Mom's Final Wishes

Even after Mom learned that her cancer had come back, she continued to work at her job at the Information Desk at the local hospital. This is a picture of my Mom and I during Easter weekend of 2010, while she was at work.  When it was clear that Mom was losing her battle with pancreatic cancer, one of the last things she said to us was "Take care of Matt." My brother Matt has Multiple Sclerosis, and Mom worried so very much about him! Today, several of our family members and friends attended "Walk MS" in Sandusky, Ohio, to raise awareness of MS, and to raise funds for the MS Society. I cannot help but feel that this Mother's Day weekend, Mom's children and grandchildren are doing their best to fulfill her wish. Miss you Mom! And Matt, you are truly my hero!

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