Sunday, April 10, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McNamee and Daughters

This monument at the St. Joseph Cemetery in Sandusky, Ohio, honors the memory of an entire family. Patrick McNamee and Annie Martin were married in Erie County in October of 1872. They had their first child, Mary, in July of 1874. In the month of June, 1876, Patrick McNamee and John Randolph were working at the Whiskey Run Sewer, where they were trying to clear out rock. A dreadful accident took place, which was described in this brief article from the Osage City Free Press of June 16, 1876.

A shocking accident occurred at Sandusky, Ohio, recently, by which Patrick McNamee and John Randolph will lose their lives. Both were engaged in tamping down powder for a blast, when the tamping iron struck a piece of flint, the fire from it ignited the powder and an explosion followed. Both men were terribly mangled and burned. 

Both men lost their lives in this tragic accident.  Patrick McNamee was survived by his wife Ann, and young daughter Mary. Daughter Katherine L. McNamee was born in the fall of 1876, a few months after her father’s death. Ann and her daughters lived out their lives in a home on Reese Street in Sandusky, Ohio. Ann died on January 4, 1926, at the age of 82. Mary Cecelia McNamee passed away on September 14, 1958, and her sister Katherine Loretto McNamee died on May 28, 1961. All the members of the McNamee family were of the Catholic faith. I am sure Patrick McNamee came to the minds of his surviving wife and daughters, throughout the course of their lives.

At the base of the McNamee monument is the inscription:

"He giveth His beloved, sleep"

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