Saturday, April 23, 2016

Historic Key West Cemetery

Recently my co-worker Dennis, and his wife, had the opportunity to visit the Key West Cemetery in Florida. Knowing how much I enjoy historic cemeteries, Dennis took several pictures at the Key West Cemetery. (All pictures in this post are courtesy Dennis M.)  Several sculptures of angels are found at this beautiful cemetery.

Several of the tombstones are high above the ground in the Key West Cemetery, which is not seen  as often in cemeteries in the Midwest United States.

Thank you Dennis for taking these lovely pictures on your vacation! 

To learn more about the Key West Cemetery, see this document from the city of Key West. To see more pictures from the Key West Cemetery, see these images from the Florida Memory Project.

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Magda said...

It is always interesting to compare how cemeteries are different in other regions of the US but I have to say that I have never seem one like the casket upright on pillars above the ground !