Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Puzzle of Anora Tracy/Tracey

In the 1880 U.S. Census, Anora Tracey, age 18, was residing in Perkins Township, Erie County, with my ancestors, Daniel and Johanna Larkins. She was enumerated as their granddaughter.

The only two daughters of Daniel and Johanna that I know of, became Mrs. Patrick Kelly of Elgin, Illinois, and Mrs. Thomas McClain of Bellevue, Ohio. So far I have not tracked down a birth record for Anora Tracey, or any prior marriage of Daniel's two daughters. When Anora Tracey married James Jordan in Erie County, Ohio, in April, 1883, Daniel Larkins signed for her.

By searching creatively on, I determined that Anora Tracey was born in Sandusky. This information was listed on the marriage record of Anora's daughter Mary Jordan to Herman Henry in South Bend, Indiana. The St. Joseph County Public Library had an awesome obituary index, where I found a listing for Nora Tracy Jordan, who died in February of 1940. The staff of the St. Joseph County Public Library mailed me two obituaries for Nora Tracy Jordan, which stated that she was indeed born in Sandusky, Ohio. Nora Tracy Jordan was buried in the St. Joseph Cemetery in Mishiwaka, Indiana.

Though I know her place of birth and death, I still cannot figure out if Anora Tracy was truly a biological granddaughter of Daniel and Johanna Larkins, or who her parents were, but I was thrilled to learn more about this elusive female who once made her home in Erie County, Ohio! If I get more details about Anora/Nora, I will share them!

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