Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Piece of the Puzzle of "Where Was Daniel Larkins' Homeland?"

Tonight I was just browsing through Newspaper Archives, and I found a reference to the homeland of my ancestor Daniel Larkins! Here is the article as it appeared in the Norwalk Reflector of November 22, 1892:

It states that Daniel Larkins was born in Tipperary County, the parish of Kilenal, near the town of Feathered, Ireland! At one time, my mom wanted to go visit every Catholic church in Tipperary, to try to find the homeland of our Larkins ancestors! I think she is smiling down from Heaven tonight!

Of course, I cannot find a parish called Kilenal, but I think this may be the correct spelling:


The town listed as Feathered in the article, may be this town in Ireland:


The map below is courtesy Google Maps.

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Dana Leeds said...

What a wonderful find! And, the misspelling of the location in the newspaper is understandable. One of my branches had a newspaper article that the family was from Leeds, England. When I finally located actual records in England, it was actually the much lesser known Lees, England. :)