Monday, May 4, 2015

Civil War Soldiers Monument at Castalia Cemetery

The contract for construction of the Soldiers Monument in the Castalia Cemetery was awarded to Hughes Granite and Marble Company of Clyde, Ohio. The cost of the monument was $2,500. Another $500 was spent for the monument foundation and site preparation. Hughes Granite and Marble Company was one of the best known granite companies in the United States. Among the many monuments produced by Hughes Granite were Ohio's monument to its Civil War soldiers who died at Andersonville, the McKinley Monument at Antietam, and all of the monuments dedicated to Ohio units at Shiloh and Vicksburg. The monument erected in Castalia Cemetery in 1904 was dedicated to 264 men of the area who had served the Union during the Civil War. You can view a photograph of the monunment taken by Ernst Niebergall at Lake Erie's Yesterdays. Thank you for your service to your country, soldiers of Castalia and Margaretta Township! 

An article about the dedication of the Civil War soldiers monument at Castalia appeared in the July 5, 1904 issue of the Sandusky Star.


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