Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sibling Saturday: The Yeager Sisters Married the Orshoski Brothers

On July 25, 1925, Steve Orshoski, the oldest child of Joseph and Julia Orshoski, married Emma Yeager, the oldest daughter of Huron residents Andrew and Lena (Piehl) Yeager. They were married in Monroe, Michigan. Steve and Emma are pictured (left) as a young couple fishing in Bay Bridge. The younger girl is Dorothy, Emma's younger sister. Steve and Emma were my paternal grandparents. It turns out that Dorothy, Emma's sister, married Nick, Steve's younger brother, in March of 1934, also in Monroe, Michigan. 

So, that means the five children of Steve and Emma Orshoski are the "double cousins" of the children of Nick and Dorothy Orshoski. All eight of these offspring share the same maternal and paternal grandparents, and they share all eight of the same great grandparents.

Below is an Ancestor Tree of my father, Paul R. Orshoski.

All the great grandparents on my dad's paternal line were born in Hungary, while all his great grandparents on his mother's side were born in Germany (though the Piehl and Jaensch families resided in a part of Germany that later became a part of Poland.) So, that makes all the eight offspring of Steve and Emma, and Nick and Dorothy, 50% Hungarian and 50% German. My dad was as All-American as you can get, working hard, raising funds for charities, and coaching baseball for over half his life. It really is true that America can be considered a "melting pot" of cultures!


Miss Merry said...

My husband has two sets of matching aunts and uncles, too! And my grandfather was married to his first wife; both she and her brother died and my grandfather then married his sister-in-law (his wife's brother's wife). Makes those branches weave in an interesting way!

Dorene from Ohio said...

So interesting! Thanks for stopping by! said...

I also found " double cousins" like in my Nagy side. Two brothers married sisters but the "double cousins" never saw each other because the one couple stayed in Hungary.

I always read "GR of Sandusky Bay". So glad you are still writing these posts, Dorene.