Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sentimental Sunday: My Ancestors Were Thrifty

My great grandmother, Ada Steen Parker, was very thrifty. She pasted newspaper clippings about her family, friends and neighbors onto the pages of an old Congressional Record.   My paternal grandfather, Steve Orshoski, had a garden in the backyard to help stretch the family budget, and Grandma Emma Orshoski used to make salad from dandelions found in the back yard.

My mother, Joyce Parker Orshoski, was also very thrifty, a trait she learned from the older generation!  Mom believed in using leftovers and handing clothes down from the older children to the younger ones.

She saved magazines for us kids to use when we had to do a school project. Thanks to my ancestors for teaching the younger generations to re-use and re-cycle!

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