Friday, February 20, 2015

PBS Documentary on The Italian Americans

Above is a screenshot from the website of PBS. Recently I watched the first portion of the two part series about Italian Americans. While I do not have any Italian ancestry, two of my aunts married men of Italian descent. Uncle Dom and Uncle John were both funny, generous, and loving, and though they are both gone now, our families were much richer for having these men in our big extended family! The first episode of The Italian Americans  provides us with historical background on Italy, and how it came to be. The program talked in detail about how family ties are so strong in families of Italian descent. The mother figure in each family is especially esteemed. I hope you can watch the PBS documentary of The Italian Americans. The full episodes are viewable online. You will learn a lot of social and cultural history in the two segments, and will understand the reason that Italian families are so tight-knit!Below is a rather grainy of my Uncle Dominic with several of the grandchildren and nieces and nephews, about 1982 at a family picnic.

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