Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Soldiers' Memorial: Company G of Ohio 123rd Volunteers

While visiting the Follett House Museum this winter, I discovered the name of my ancestor, James Cross, on the "Soldiers' Memorial" in the upper most level of the museum. James Cross enlisted in military service at Monroeville on September 19, 1862, as a private in Company G of the 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry. At the time of his honorable discharge, at Camp Chase, Ohio on June 12, 1865, James Cross had risen to the rank of Corporal. Here is a close up of his name on the framed item:

Because of the glass on the frame, I was unable to get a better shot of the Soldiers' Memorial. You can read much more about the 123rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry in C.M. Keyes book entitled: The Military History of the 123d Regiment of Ohio Volunteer Infantry (Sandusky, Ohio: Register Steam Press, 1874), available at Google Books.Thank you for your service to our country!


Nancy said...

If you didn't know the memorial was there it must have been a great surprise to see it. It's a beautiful document.

Dorene from Ohio said...

Nancy, I have probably been to the Follett House twenty or more times, and it was just in the past six months that I saw that memorial! It was a wonderful surprise!