Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Waitstill H. Squire, Victim of Influenza

Waitstill Hastings Squire was born on February 7, 1893 in Sandusky, Ohio to Herbert H. Squire and Carrie (Hastings) Squire. Waitstill Squire was a graduate of Sandusky High School, the University of Michigan, and Harvard University. According to the Sandusky Star Journal of October 14, 1918, "Desiring to be of some service to his country in the great world war he entered the offices of the American Red Cross at Washington and was assigned to a responsible position in the executive department." Mr. Squire had been with the American Red Cross for about a year. and while attending to his duties, he was taken ill. On February 13, 1918, Waitstill Hastings died from complications of influenza. He was survived by his parents, and a brother and sister. Private funeral services for Waitstill H. Squire were held at his parents' home, and burial was at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. Obituaries for Waitstill Hastings Squire appeared in the Sandusky Star Journal and Sandusky Register on October 14, 1918.

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