Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sentimental Sunday: Milan, Ohio Baseball Team in 1909

This digital picture was taken of an enlargement of a 1909 post card of the Milan baseball team on display at Daniel J. Frederick Architect, on the square in Milan, Ohio. An employee allowed me to snap a shot of both the front and back of the picture. Here is a listing of the men in the picture:

Elmer Smith, the player on the far right of the front row, went on to play for the Cleveland Indians, Washington Senators, Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, and the Cincinnati Reds. He was named to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and is known for being the first player to hit a grand slam home run in a World Series Game. Elmer Smith died on August 3, 1984. If you are ever in the square in Milan, Ohio, stop in at Daniel J. Frederick Architect, to view this and several other interesting historic postcards!


PalmsRV said...

alfas 9Very interesting, Dorene. A visit to Milan and Cooperstown may be in order!

Dorene from Ohio said...

We took our kids to Cooperstown long ago...I would love to go back!