Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lane and Mary Gill Lockwood

Lane Lockwood was born on April 22, 1838, in Ottawa County, Ohio, to William B. and Sarah (Hyde) Lockwood. He grew up in Ottawa County, but moved to Sandusky, Ohio about 1850. During the Civil War, he served in two different units, the 145th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and the 8th Ohio Infantry. He was involved in the shipping business, and operated a line of boats on the Great Lakes. He served as the Ottawa County Auditor, and later was assistant Postmaster in Sandusky, and a member of the Sandusky Board of Education. In 1867 Lane Lockwood began his career as a banker, which he continued for forty years. Hewson Peeke’s book A STANDARD HISTORY OF ERIE COUNTY contains biographical sketches of Lane Lockwood and Charles B. Lockwood.

Lane Lockwood married Mary P. Gill in 1864. Their children were: Louise, Anne, and Mary. Anne G. Lockwood was a talented pianist and taught at the Institute of Musical Art in New York City, later known as The Juilliard School. Anne married Joseph Fyffe, and she was known as Mrs. Fyffe in her later years at the school.

Lane Lockwood died on September 26, 1917. Mrs. Lockwood passed away in 1914. They are buried in Sandusky’s Oakland Cemetery. Many details about the family of Lane Lockwood and Mary Payne Gill are found in the Gill Family Bible, transcribed online.

Louise Lockwood Crawford is buried near her parents at Oakland Cemetery. Her sisters moved to New York City, and are most likely buried in New York.

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