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Tragic Death of Conrad and C.G. Scheufler in 1870

In the 1867 McKelvey's Sandusky City Directory Conrad Scheufler and his brother C.G. Scheufler were both listed as employees of the Cincinnati, Dayton & Eastern Railroad, a railroad that was formerly known as the Mad River and Lake Erie Railroad. An article in the October 21, 1870 issue of the Sandusky Register covered the details of the deadly railroad accident which took place on October 19, 1870. Conrad and C.G. Scheufler (sometimes spelled Scheifler) were working as engineer and fireman on the Cincinnati, Dayton & Eastern Railroad. (The newspaper article stated it was the Mad River Railroad, as that was the name many Sandusky area residents still called the Cincinnati, Dayton & Eastern Railroad.) The weather was stormy, and the night was very dark. The train was traveling along at its usual speed, twenty two miles an hour. Someone had purposely placed a large oak tie in the open culvert of the railroad track, about five miles south of Carey, Ohio. Because of the inclement weather conditions, the engineer did not see the obstruction, and the train hit the oak tie at full force. The engine fell down onto an embankment, and the Scheufler brothers were both killed in the accident. Because there were two baggage cars and three loaded express cars ahead of the passenger cars on the train, none of the passengers who were traveling on the train that night were injured. Efforts were made to free the Scheufler brothers from the wreckage, but they were pinned under the engine.

The Register article stated that Conrad and C.G. Scheufler were "well known by many citizens and were highly respected by their acquaintances as peaceful and industrious men, and by the railroad officers as faithful employees." Conrad Scheufler left behind a widow and several children. The article said in conclusion, in reference to the individual who sabotaged the train, "Suffice it to say that no human punishment known among men would seem too severe a penalty for the crime." On the 24th of October, another Register article reported that the funeral of the Scheufler brothers was one of the largest ever held in Sandusky. Services were held at the Scheufler home, and also at the Lutheran Church with Rev. Lehrer of the Lutheran church officiating, and assisted by Rev. Farr of the St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The city band led the funeral cortege, followed by several railroad employees. Thousands were in attendance at the cemetery, which was "of a most solemn and impressive character." Conrad and C.G. Scheufler were buried at Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery. The monument dedicated to their memory was made by J.L. Smith.

C.G. Scheufler was only 21 years of age at the time of his death.

Conrad Scheufler was age 39 at the time of his death.

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