Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mrs. Thresa Schellhorn

Thresa Schellhorn was born in Germany on April 4, 1848. She died in Erie County, Ohio on January 5, 1931. Mrs. Schellhorn's death certificate states that her father's name was John Hurst. However, a listing at the Ohio Obituary Index states that in October 1870, a Theresa Dorst married Mr. Andrew Schallhorn. (The Ohio Obituary Index also contains some references to newspaper articles which reported marriages.)

The Mortality Schedules available at Ancestry Library Edition provide the information that Andrew Schollhorn died by drowning in April, 1880, in Erie County, Ohio. Andrew was born in Württemberg, Germany about 1840. Thresa Schellhorn never remarried.

An obituary for Thresa Schellhorn is found in the 1931 Obituary Notebook at the Sandusky Library. Mrs. Schellhorn died on January 5, 1931 at her home on Second Street. She was survived by sons Fred and Otto Schellhorn; six grandchildren; seven great grandchildren; and one sister. Mrs. Schellhorn was buried in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.

As is so often the case with persons of German descent, many variations in spelling are found in Mrs. Schellhorn's first, last, and maiden name.

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