Sunday, November 6, 2011

Myron Osborn

Myron D. Osborn was a well known farmer in Huron Township of Erie County, Ohio. He died on November 6, 1932, after a lengthy illness. Mr. Osborn's obituary, found in the 1932 OBITUARY NOTEBOOK at the Sandusky Library, stated that Myron Osborn was born in Huron Township and he lived his entire life on the family farm. The funeral for Myron Osborn was held at the Osborn residence and he was buried at Oakland Cemetery.

The Ohio Department of Corrections operated a prison farm on the former Osborn property for many years. The land formerly owned by the Osborn family is now part of the Erie MetroParks system, called "Osborn Park" in honor of the Osborn Family. Below is a trail guide for Osborn Park from an Erie MetroParks brochure.

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