Thursday, November 10, 2011

D. E. and Sarah Livermore

Darius Elias Livermore was born in New York State in 1833, and died in Rhea, Oklahoma on June 24, 1925. D. E. Livermore served as Lieut. Colonel in the Ohio Third Cavalry during the Civil War. Just prior to serving in the Civil War, D.E. Livermore is found in the 1860 Census living in Oxford Township with his wife Sarah. Several listings on Rootsweb indicate that Sarah Livermore's maiden name was Carpender, the surname of an early Erie County family.

Following the Civil War, the Livermore family moved to Chicago, and eventually homesteaded in Oklahoma. One of Col. Livermore's daughters, Jessie May, won the contract for the stained glass windows found in the Adams Street entrance to the Sandusky Library.

Because Mrs. Livermore always kept ties with her family in Erie County, Ohio, D. E. Livermore, his wife, and two daughters are all buried in the family plot in Sandusky's Oakland Cemetery.

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