Thursday, May 26, 2011

O.S. and Ethel Bardwell Alcott

In 1899, Otho S. Alcott married Ethel Bardwell, the only daughter of Seth E. and Celestia Bardwell. O.S. Alcott operated a haberdashery at the corner of Columbus Ave. and East Washington Row for many years, his father having begun this business. In his later years, Mr. Alcott was engaged in the banking and insurance business. After a lengthy illness, O. S. Alcott passed away on May 26, 1932. He was buried in Castalia Cemetery. His obituary is found in the set of OBITUARY NOTEBOOKS in the genealogical collections of the Sandusky Library.

Mrs. Ethel Bardwell Alcott survived her husband by many years. She died in 1969, and was buried with her husband in the Castalia Cemetery. Mrs. Bardwell was a member of the Martha Pitkin Chapter, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. According to the lineage books of the D.A.R., whose records are on file at Ancestry Library Edition, Ethel Bardwell Alcott had three ancestors who participated in the American Revolution: Seth Bardwell, Remembrance Bardwell, and Daniel White.

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