Friday, April 15, 2011

Isaac and Annette Tilden Mills

Isaac Mills, died at his home on Hancock Street on April 15, 1907. Mr. Mills had been born in Sandusky on July 12, 1830, his grandfather, also named Isaac Mills, having been one of the co-founders of the city of Sandusky. Mills Creek, Mills School, and Mills Street were all named in honor of the Mills family. Isaac Mills lost his wife in December of 1906. Mr. Mills was survived by a sister, Mrs. J. T. Sanford, and two brothers, Elisha Mills of Croswell, Michigan, and Charles L. Mills of Sandusky. An obituary for Isaac Mills was carried in the April 17, 1907 issue of the Sandusky Register.

Annette Tilden Mills was the daughter of early Sandusky physician Dr. Daniel Tilden. At the time of her death on December 21, 1906, she was one of the city's oldest residents. In an obituary for Annette Tilden Mills, which appeared in the December 22, 1906 issue of the Sandusky Register, it was reported that though she was an invalid for many years, "never for one moment" was her devotion to others forgotten.

Sadly, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Mills had four children who died young. They were named: Daniel Tilden Mills, Isaac Augustus Mills, Allan Phelps Mills, and Annette Tilden Mills.

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