Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spencer Baird Newberry

Spencer Baird Newberry was the son of geologist John Strong Newberry. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 11, 1857. Spencer B. Newberry graduated from the School of Mines at Columbia University in 1878. After studying in Europe, he returned to the United States, and earned a Doctor of Philosophy at Columbia University.He became a professor of chemistry at Cornell University.

In 1892, Spencer B. Newberry, along with his brothers Arthur St. John and William Newberry, organized the Sandusky Portland Cement Company at Bay Bridge, Ohio, due to the rich deposits of marl and clay in this area. The discovery of these raw ingredients necessary for the manufacturing portland cement were discovered by John Strong Newberry during his geological survey of Ohio. Later, the Sandusky Portland Cement Company became known as the Medusa Portland Cement Company.

The first wife of Spencer B. Newberry was Clara White Newberry, daughter of former ambassador Andrew White.The 1900 U.S. Census for Erie County, Ohio lists Spencer and Clara Newberry as living in Bay Bridge with their sons Andrew and Arthur in 1900. Spencer and Clara divorced in 1901. Mr. Newberry then married Helena Printy.

Spencer B. Newberry was issued several patents. Below is a portion of Patent Number 927,585, issued in 1909 for fire brick lining, accessed at Google Patents.

On November 28, 1922, Spencer B. Newberry passed away. He is buried in the Newberry family lot at Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.

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