Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Emma Teut

Emma Teut, daughter of J. K. Teut is buried in Deyo Cemetery in Groton Township of Erie County. Emma's name is found in the 1880 Erie County Census in Groton Township with her family, whose surname is spelled Tite in that year's census. Later the family surname would be spelled Tight. Family members listed in 1880 are:

John Tite, age 50, born in Mecklenburg
Carie, age 44, born in Mecklenburg

Emma, age 16, born in Ohio
Lewis, age 14, born in Ohio
Sophi, age 12, born in Ohio
John, age 10, born in Ohio
Adam, age 8, born in Ohio
Frederick, age 6, born in Ohio

Emma died on November 15, 1881, while still in her teens. Her grave marker features a hand with a finger pointing upward to heaven.

Sadly, Emma's brother Adam, and his son Arthur, were both victims of the Cleveland Clinic Fire of 1929. Emma's nephew Alvin Tight, another son of Adam, became a successful physician in Sandusky, Ohio.

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