Friday, October 1, 2010

Elvira Dibble Bell

Elvira Dibble Bell died on October 5, 1887. She is buried in Oakland Cemetery in Erie County. Elvira was born in Connecticut, and moved to Sandusky in 1832, She married Stewart E. Bell on May 8, 1834. A 1900 "Firelands Pioneer" article had this to say about Elvira Bell: "Elvira Dibble, was an active member of the Underground Railway and assisted many runaway slaves on their way to Canada."

See the whole article in the "Firelands Pioneer" to read more about Elvira's husband Stewart Bell, and the account of how his parents left Connecticut with several other families, traveling by wagons and oxen to settle the Firelands of Ohio.

A pedigree chart on Ancestry World Tree shows that Elvira Dibble was the daughter of Jonas Dibble and Naomi Dee. Another child of Jonas Dibble and Naomi Dee was Daniel Dibble, who was known for building ships

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